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National Premier League
Posted Sep 25, 2017

ID2/PDP Information 

US Club's ODP Program

Tulsa Roughnecks FC
Posted Nov 28, 2017


USSF National Coaching Courses Now Offered by OPC
Posted Apr 2, 2018

Coach Education is one of the major platforms of the OPC. USSF National Courses will now be offered through OPC. 

USSF National D Course hosted by OPC CLICK HERE

State Cup Information
Posted Mar 22, 2018

2018 Oklahoma State Cup powered by OPC

June 1-3, 2018 at South Lakes Soccer Complex

U11-19 B&G (U10s may participate in 9v9 u11 division)

Open to ALL OPC and US Club registered teams.



Fees:  $250-$325

Application Deadline:  May 1, 2018

MORE INFO HERE.   College Coaches Attending - Register Here.

PDP Update
Posted Feb 1, 2018

OPC PDP College ID Combine for 03s and older is May 20, 2018 at ORU.  Invitations with a RSVP link will be sent via your club.

As a reminder, the PDP objectives for each age group ⬇️

03, 02, 01-00 B&G
Objective is selection to PDP college ID combine on May 20.

04,05 B&G
Evaluation and selection for ID2 Regional camp that corresponds with the US Soccer national training centers cycle. Squads will also be selected for Future PDP events with other PDPs TBA.

06, 07 B&G
Objective for 05, 06-07 is to begin evaluation process for future pool ID2 Regional Selection and US Soccer National Training Centers. Squads will also be selected for Future PDP events with other PDPs TBA.

Coaching Symposium a Success
Posted Jan 26, 2018

At the 1st Annual OPC Coach Symposium, coaches received an update on the State of the OPC Platform, Future Direction, as well as updates from each of the OPC clubs.  Some common themes:  the clubs are growing, each club has development initiatives, each club is pushing to raise the bar, several investments in facilities, and all excited about the OPC and, in only 6 months, the impact already made on raising standards.  Learn about the exciting things happening across the OPC clubs.

View Presentation (Dropbox)


Spring 2018 Applicatons
Posted Dec 4, 2017

The OPC Spring 2018 applications are now open!

For the U11-U15 divisions - Spring 2018 League:

Teams will be scheduled 8 games for the Spring 2018 season.

Registration and Payment Deadline: January 15th

Registration link: https://events.gotsport.com/forms/app/Default.aspx?eventid=64270

First version of the schedule released: February 5th

Team/Club Vetting of Schedule: February 5-February 19


March 10-11: U11-U15 Season Begins

March 24-25: League Play

March 31: League Play

April 21-22: League Play

April 28-29: League Play

May 5-6: League Play

May 12-13: League Play

May 19-20: League Play Ends

For the U16-U19 divisions - OPC Community Shield:

Teams are scheduled 3 rounds, 2 games per round.

Registration and Payment Deadline: December 22nd

Registration link: https://events.gotsport.com/forms/app/Default.aspx?eventid=64272

Round 1: February 3-4
Tulsa, OK

Round 2: March 10-11
Norman, OK

Round 3: May 5-6

Championship Play
May 19 - Tulsa, OK

Rain Out Dates are February 10-11April 21-22, and May 12th.

**For U12 Division:

U12 teams will have the opportunity to join the NPL League Cup in the U13 Silver (or Gold) division.

It is your decision if you would like to participate in both OPC and the NPL League Cup.

Registration and payment is due January 19th

Registration link: https://events.gotsport.com/forms/app/Default.aspx?eventid=64273

Teams are scheduled 3 rounds, 2 games per round.

Round 1: March 10-11
Norman, OK

Round 2: April 28-29
Tulsa, OK

Round 3: May 5-6

Championship Play
May 19 - Tulsa, OK

Rain Out Dates are April 21-22, and May 12th